Non-Sequiturs: 05.12.17

* The ABA announced its Silver Gavel winners and the Supreme Court podcast More Perfect won for radio. (Ed. note: I HELPED!) [ABA Journal]

* Speaking of things I help with, the latest Radiolab is all about jury nullification. There’s also a guy that literally calls for violence, and it’s not me. [Radiolab]

* In non-Comey news, Donald Trump is still president. [Mother Jones]

* There are all sorts of problems with Mike Pence’s voter fraud commission, but here are four of the best ones. [Election Updates]

* The rare cabbie kidnapping case that doesn’t end tragically. [Gothamist]

* To be clear, I would have NO PROBLEM with Trump canceling press briefings. I see NO VALUE to Sean Spicer lying to the public while the White House press corps guffaws and plays along. There is no information being conveyed, the press are being used as a tool to spread misinformation. [New York Times]

* Time for our weekly check-in with what’s going on over on the Alt-Right. Are they annoyed with Sessions, now that he seeks to take away the liberty of non-violent drug users? Well, the headline is: “Bad Hombre Crackdown: Sessions Ramps War on Drug Traffickers” so… as long as only brown drug abusers are arrested, I think they’re good. [Breitbart]
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