Morning Docket: 05.30.17

* “Gimmie an L!” Antitrust suit brought by Oakland Raiders cheerleaders dismissed. On the bright side, they’re all losing their jobs to a bunch of Vegas “dancers” soon anyway. [Litigation Daily]

* Cleary prevailed in the discrimination suit brought against it, but the real story here is a reminder that Trump made a dating show and now he has nuclear codes. []

* Russian bank sues Buzzfeed over “Pissgate,” which is really more of a “Pissghazi.” [Courthouse News Service]

* The biggest 400 law firms in the country. Did we really need to go all the way to 400? [Law360]

* Speaking of accolades you didn’t think we needed, Wilmer Hale is the D.C. Litigation Department of the Year. [National Law Journal]

* Ralph Baxter is toying with a congressional run in West Virginia. So… somebody expects a 2018 Democratic wave. [Am Law Daily]

* How to reform the MDL process? Get more judges involved. [Corporate Counsel]
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