Morning Docket: 06.06.17

* The government can work out exactly how NSA contractor Reality Winner leaked classified documents, but no one seems capable of explaining how America gave Top Secret clearance to someone named “Reality Winner.” [Quartz]

* An open letter to Tiffany Trump from one of her future classmates. [Teen Vogue]

* A profile of Don McGahn that begins “By day, Don McGahn is a straight-laced lawyer, but by night, he’s a long-haired rocker.” Oh? An affluent middle aged white guy sublimates his sad existence through a Peter Pan complex… tell me more! [NPR]

* If you were wagering, we now know that Robert Barnes picked up his client Cassandra Fairbanks on Twitter. I’d have bet on the Pepe the Frog subreddit. [National Law Journal]

* Kokesh puts kibosh on SEC disgorgement. [Corporate Counsel]

* Chamber wants a rule to expose litigation financing. []

* Now the Trump administration is hitting firms in the wallet — with partner Charles Tobin moving to Ballard Spahr, bailing on Holland & Knight over their alleged policy of never taking on matters adverse to Donald Trump. [Legal Intelligencer]

* Speaking of Ballard Spahr, they’re moving to a new office in New York. [NY Post]
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