Morning Docket: 06.08.17

* Happy Comey Day! [Huffington Post]

* Legal operations teams are rampant, proving no one trusts Biglaw billing. [Corporate Counsel]

* Sessions ends DOJ settlements that give money to charitable causes — a common tactic in matters where identifying all specific victims would be difficult or impossible. This is played off as “helping victims” because nothing helps victims more than making sure the perpetrator feels no penalty for their wrongdoing. [ABA Journal]

* The “Mansfield Rule” tries to bring NFL thinking to a Biglaw problem. Now if we could just address all those junior associate concussions…. []

* The American Immigration Lawyers Association is relocating its upcoming convention to get out of Texas. So the state has successfully built itself a wall — against tourism dollars. [Texas Tribune]

* DOJ asking Second Circuit to consider what Escobar means for Wells Fargo. In other words, it’s time to circle the wagons at Wells Fargo. [Law360]

* Norton Rose Fulbright considering merger. [Legal Week]
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