Morning Docket: 07.27.17

* Bey and Jay-Z want to trademark their kids’ names because nothing creates the nurturing environment of unconditional love children need like converting them into commodities. [The Recorder]

* For lexicography nerds, a deep dive into the original definition of “emoluments.” For the MAGA crowd, the English language itself is fake news. [National Law Journal]

* The 2017 A-List is out! That’s the American Lawyer’s comprehensive ranking of law firms. No, not the Am Law 200, the other one. No, not the NLJ 500, the other one. Actually, what the f**k is the A-List? [American Lawyer]

* Freshfields co-managing partner steps down. []

* Martin Shkreli not having the best of days. [Law360]

* The Communications Director is calling on the FBI to investigate the Chief of Staff and put this news on Twitter. That’s… not standard procedure. [Huffington Post]

* A repeal and replace they can actually get done. Say goodbye to clean water regulations! [Courthouse News Service]
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