Cyclist Seriously Injured in Talleyville Crash

Bicycle Collides with Car on Foulk Road and Silverside Road; One Injured

Talleyville Crash

Cyclist Seriously Injured in Talleyville Crash

Talleyville, Delaware (August 8, 2017) – A bicycle collided with a car in New Castle County causing serious injuries to one person on Sunday morning, according to (NCC) Paramedics and Talleyville Fire Company.

The accident was reported at about 9:30 a.m. August 6, at the intersection of Foulk Road and Silverside Road in Haleyville.

Paramedics located the patient in the care of emergency medical technicians (EMT’s) from Talleyville Fire Company. The victim was injured in the arm, shoulder, and back. He was taken to Wilmington Hospital by Talleyville Fire Company ambulance by New Castle County Paramedics.

The patient was transported in critical condition to a trauma center.

No injuries were reported in the car involved.

Delaware State Police are still investigating the matter to determine cause and liabilities

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