Morning Docket: 08.08.17

* While the convict at the center of a UN bribery scheme was no doubt pleased to avoid jail time, he was ordered to get all his private massages with bedroom door open in view of assigned guards to ensure Chinese language messages aren’t being passed secretly. That’s not a happy ending at all. [Law360]

* It’s not exactly news that an ethics expert thinks Trump should be impeached. But this time the expert has fun visual aides for everyone whose attention span has been battered by cable news. [Facebook]

* Reminder that “Breaking Bad” shouldn’t be a blueprint for your legal career. [WTOL]

* Miami may no longer be a sanctuary city, but others aren’t giving up so easily. When someone brings a dubiously constitutional threat, you bring a lawsuit. That’s the Chicago way. [Courthouse News Service]

* So-called judge has some problems with the way the administration talks about jurists. []

* Fried Frank gets malpractice claim kicked to the curb. [Texas Lawyer]

* You can’t patent podcasts. Phew. That’s one fewer category of trolls Thinking Like A Lawyer has to deal with. [The Recorder]

* UC Hastings has a new academic dean. [UC Hastings]
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