Morning Docket: 09.05.17

* As we continue to reel from Judge Posner’s retirement, here are some of his best quips. Unfortunately lists like these will always miss something. Like my personal favorite: “Yeah, but, you know, the problem with the balancing test is there’s nothing on your side of the balance!” [National Law Journal]

* The high price of becoming a partner. [American Lawyer]

* Top Kasowitz Benson partner jumps ship… could this be more fallout from the ill-fated attempt to defend Trump? [New York Law Journal]

* The government’s been in a slump at the Supreme Court. [Empirical SCOTUS]

* A deep dive into the Chadbourne discrimination suit. [Bloomberg Businessweek]

* If you’ve not followed the phenomenon of running payday lending from tribal lands, here’s an in depth look at a $2B lawsuit over the practice. [Law360]

* Some predictions about the upcoming law school application cycle. Here’s another one… a bunch of people will end up in debt for no good reason. [US News]
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