Meanwhile, On Earth 2 — See Also

THIS BIGLAW DAD MAKES ME FEEL BAD ABOUT MYSELF: I should try to learn from him, but, since I’m a guy, my impulse is to challenge him to some kind of combat. But I’d probably lose. I think I’ll just drink and play some Playstation. She never judges.

PRESIDENT TRUMP IS ABOUT TO UNLEASH A NEW WAVE OF JUDICIAL NOMINEES: I think I will trying sneezing on them, War of the Worlds style, and see if that helps.

ANOTHER NEW YORK LAW SCHOOL GETS ON THE GRE TRAIN: It’s getting to be like when the conductor says “there’s another train right behind us” but everybody crowds onto the subway car anyway. Then it randomly skips your stop because it decides it need to be an “express” train without really telling you.

THE NCAA IS TRYING TO SHOW HOW COLLEGE ATHLETES ARE VERY MUCH LIKE PRISONERS: When it comes to whether or not those athletes are “employees” of their universities. The NCAA has made this argument for years, but it’s good to remind ourselves to be disgusted by it every now and again.

BANK PAYS MEN TWICE AS MUCH AS WOMEN: If the wage gap were a man, he’d be in worse trouble than Harvey Weinstein.
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