Morning Docket: 05.15.18

* The Supreme Court’s sports gambling ruling guts “core business” of mobsters. So now we know how The Soprano’s really ended. [NY Post]

* More women join the gender bias suit against Ogletree. Not to belabor the point, but how does an employer defend a suit like this when they can’t hire Ogletree? [American Lawyer]

* Good news for Missouri Governor Eric Greitens! Prosecutors have dropped the invasion of privacy charge against him. Now he only faces… all the other reasons you can’t take nude pictures of people without their knowledge and use those to blackmail them. [Courthouse News Service]

* Court rules that a group of NRA-affiliated teenagers challenging gun control laws can’t do so anonymously. Fox focuses on the high risk of ‘harassment’ the students now face because people might criticize them. Fox isn’t even hiding its snowflake leanings anymore. [Fox News]

* The NY Giants have settled with the guy who said they were involved in a conspiracy to fake game-worn memorabilia (and, perhaps more importantly, an intellectual property dispute over some technology the guy patented). Line up now for game-worn tokens from the upcoming 4-12 campaign! [Law360]

* For Iowa’s six-week abortion law, the life of its hefty litigation price tag began at signing. [Des Moines Register]

* Michigan lawyer billed 3600 hours last year. That’s nothing. Wake me when he’s pulled off the elusive 29-hour day. [American Lawyer]
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