Morning Docket: 05.17.18

* A whistleblower reports that SARS reports regarding Michael Cohen’s transactions are missing from FINCEN. SARS don’t just disappear without a trace… well, the disease did, but the reports shouldn’t. [New Yorker]

* After passing an abortion law accomplishing little more than exposing the state’s taxpayers to litigation expense, Iowa is going to have to find someone else to defend it because Attorney General Tom Miller wants no part of it. [ABC]

* The FTC’s new consumer protection chief represented payday lenders, and really what’s so bad about a 110 percent interest rate anyway? [The Hill]

* Wolf of Wall Street needs to up his payments to victims. [Law360]

* Facebook is getting into the blockchain game meaning soon your vacation photos will overtake Bitcoin as the most inherently worthless thing backed by blockchain. [Legaltech News]

* An interview with a federal magistrate judge finally answers the question: what’s the penalty for Yogi Bear stealing a picnic basket? [Coverage Opinions]

* The Senate, against all odds, voted to save net neutrality yesterday. [Courthouse News Service]
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