Morning Docket: 05.21.18

* According to Rudy Giuliani, special counsel Robert Mueller is planning to have the Russian election interference probe wrapped up by September 1 — but that end date is apparently contingent on President Trump agreeing to be interviewed. Ooooh, stay tuned, this might get good soon! [New York Times]

* Yesterday, President Trump demanded via Twitter that the Justice Department look into whether his campaign was “infiltrated or surveilled” by the FBI or DOJ for political purposes. Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein said he’d be happy to “take appropriate action,” and promptly kicked the can to the Inspector General. [Axios]

* In the meantime, never mind the fact that he’s never once been contacted by Robert Mueller’s team, but Roger Stone says he’s “prepared” to be indicted as part of the Mueller investigation after they “conjure up some extraneous crime pertaining to my business.” The Trump ally doth protest too much, methinks. [NBC News]

* NO-NO-NO-NOTORIOUS: Elena Kagan isn’t the only Supreme Court justice who’s shown support for the new law clerk hiring plan. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg reportedly spoke highly about the plan during a recent meeting of the Federal Judges Association. Good luck to all future clerkship applicants! [National Law Journal]

* The millennials are here and make up 43 percent of all attorneys (psssstttt, they’ve been here for a while already), but the legal profession is just getting around to making the changes that this generation prioritizes. Law firms better hurry up and start providing all of the warm and fuzzy things they want. [American Lawyer]
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