Morning Docket: 09.04.18

* Trump blamed Jeff Sessions for not covering up suspected criminal activity by Republican legislators. We’re running out of taboos to break here. [CNN]

* Brett Kavanaugh will have that abortion right eliminated at lightning speed. [National Law Journal]

* But the Senators will have access to 42000 pages of documents released a couple hours before the hearings. It’s a move that wouldn’t stand up to scrutiny in bumbledick local court but for reshaping the Supreme Court for two to three decades it’s just fine. [Washington Post via OregonLive]

* We may be seeing serious cracks in the wall against outside law firm ownership. And when that happens… send in the accounting firms. [American Lawyer]

* Because there’s no end to the Trump legal news, Giuliani is now telling people that the White House will block Mueller’s final report from ever going public, which is absolutely what innocent people say. [The Hill]

* After the first full weekend of college football, is there really a reason to keep Kansas on the field? [TaxProf Blog]

* The first in a series on law firm office moves. [Law360]

* The slogan “Ask Sherwin-Williams” my bite them in the ass as lawyers lay out the company’s old ads bragging about its lead paint. [Law and More]
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