Morning Docket: 12.17.18

* President Trump wants a court to step in to determine whether Saturday Night Live may continue to “defame & belittle” him, wondering if it could be “collusion.” That’s our Trumpy! [New York Daily News]

* Aww, you thought you could build a natural gas pipeline across two national forests and the Appalachian Trail? Cute. The Fourth Circuit is so pissed that a three-judge panel quoted The Lorax in their opinion: “We trust the United States Forest Service to ‘speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues.'” [NPR]

* On Saturday night, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg drew a sold-out audience at the Museum of the City of New York where she participated in a Q&A session with Nina Totenberg and announced that Friday was her “first day doing [her] whole workout routine” after breaking three ribs. Get it, Your Honor! [NBC News]

* Move over, Aaron Schlossberg. Yet another New York lawyer has been caught on camera, this time physically attacking a fellow subway passenger as she shouts obscenities, spits on people, and lets loose with racial slurs. [American Lawyer]

* Her hips may not lie, but her tax filings allegedly do. Spain has charged pop singer Shakira with tax evasion thanks to her claimed Bahamian residency. [Forbes]
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