Law School Snowflakes Demand Safe Space Over Jeff Sessions Talk

Obviously we’re talking about the conservative law professor here.
Law School Snowflakes Demand Safe Space Over Jeff Sessions Talk syndicated from


Morning Docket: 09.26.17

* Winston & Strawn becomes the latest firm slapped with a gender bias suit. The article is fixated on the fact that the plaintiff went to high school with Obama, but the more fascinating aspect of the story is that it “has not yet been previously reported,” which I think means there’s a time machine involved. [The Recorder]

* As a general rule, if someone contemporaneously points out, “we’re laundering money,” it should raise a red flag. [Law360]

* A new bill would exempt law firms from laws against abusive debt collection practices because some people don’t think the legal profession is objectionable enough and maybe a policy carveout allowing them to send Rocko out to crack client heads might just do the trick. [Detroit News]

* It’s a shotgun wedding! If you replace “shotgun” with “risk that a material witness would be compelled to testify against me.” [Lowering the Bar]

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WOMAN ABANDONS LAW DEGREE TO BECOME A PORN STAR: That’s, like, an actual title on this very website, today. But I have a quibble with Joe Patrice’s headline decisions. She didn’t “abandon” her law degree. It’s not lying in a ditch somewhere. She never GOT a law degree. She stopped pursuing a degree in law, and decided instead to work in porn. ELIE ABANDONS BASEBALL CAREER TO WRITE ABOUT TERRIBLE LAWYERS WORKING IN THE WHITE HOUSE would be just as accurate. Other than that, no concerns. Read the story here.

YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT SOMEBODY WHO ABANDONED SOMETHING TO GET ALL PORN-Y: How about “ANTHONY WEINER ABANDONS POLITICAL CAREER, HUMAN RESPECT, TO SEXT 15-YEAR-OLDS.” Because that’s a thing that happened. And while he was sentenced today, his punishment cannot ever match his crime. My argument here.

MEGYN KELLY IS HERE, Y’ALL: I meant to hate-watch this morning, but forgot because we’re apparently at war with North Korea now. But, you know, this should definitely be on the air for two or three more weeks. Read her ridiculous question to a lawyer who happens to be gay.

OH, BY THE WAY, TRAVEL BAN 3.0 IS HERE TOO: The Supreme Court has canceled oral argument on Travel Ban 2.0 because Travel Ban 3.0 was announced, and this time it’s not unconstitutionally bigoted on its face. For what that’s worth.

HERE’S A LAWYER TRYING TO RUIN BRUNCHES FOR EVERYBODY: All these problems in the world, and here this lawyer wants to close the “bottomless brunch” (unlimited brunchtime alcohol) loophole in NYC. Read why we can’t have nice things, here.

IN NEWS THAT ISN’T ABOUT PORN OR LIQUOR OR PRICKS TRYING TO BAN THINGS: The Global 100 came out, listing the top law firms in the world by revenue. I’m happy somebody is making money during these End Times. Read about the top 10 here.
See Also: So… Today Was A Fairly Illicit Day syndicated from